Right Wing Leftovers – 4/17/12

  • In a conference call with supporters last night, Rick Santorum pointedly declined to endorse Mitt Romney.
  • Harry Jackson continues to defend NOM.
  • Robert Knight says that President Obama quoting Ronald Reagan is “like Pee Wee Herman quoting Chuck Norris.”
  • The AFA encourages parents to “de-politicize the learning environment” by keeping their kids home from school on the Day of Silence.
  • Patrick Mahoney is organizing a prayer and racial reconciliation meeting in response to the Trayvon Martin shooting “in which members of different races will wash each other’s feet as a sign of humility, forgiveness and healing.”
  • Finally, we have to wonder how this fits in with the Religious Right’s narrative that it is the media that will attack Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.

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