Right Wing Leftovers

  • It looks like Rick Santorum is going all out to win the support of the Religious Right with a speech tomorrow full of so much red meat that that it might just give them a heart attack.
  • Ann Coulter helpfully explains “why our blacks are better than their blacks.”
  • If someone targeted Peter LaBarbera in an effort to get him from his job in this manner, he’d undoubtedly be screaming about terrorism and bullying.
  • Champion The Vote provides a handy guide [PDF] explaining how real Christians view moral and political issues in comparison to everyone else, who are all atheists.
  • Janet Mefferd gets profiled by local media.
  • Finally, Maggie Gallagher weighs in on Kim Kardashian: “Hollywood in general and Kim Kardashian in particular support gay marriage. Perhaps that makes sense, if the speed of her divorce reflects a reduced commitment to the marriage.”