Right Wing Leftovers

  • A father and son have been arrested with threatening to kill Rep. Bart Stupack for voting for health care reform, saying they would “paint the Mackinaw [sic] Bridge with the blood of you and your family members.”
  • The Duggars will receive the first ever “Pro-Family Entertainment Award” at the Family Research Council’s fifth annual Values Voter Summit.
  • Speaking of FRC, they are launching a new website that “tracks state legislation related to issues of importance to families, including religious liberty, abortion, homosexuality, domestic violence, the sanctity of marriage, embryonic research, pornography and education.”
  • Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition seems to think that he ought to have the right to protest on private property … and is threatening to sue.
  • Behold what sort of nonsense passes for political analysis from Gary Bauer.
  • Do you know what the AFA’s Tim Wildmon doesn’t like?  Political Correctness.
  • Finally, I would just like to tell Rod Parsley and his Center for Moral Clarity that “Bill Gates” is not our Secretary of Defense.  That job belongs to Robert Gates.