Right Wing Leftovers

  • Pat Robertson should be called to testify at Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial.
  • Speaking of Robertson, Carlos Campo, the new president of Robertson’s Regent University, supports immigration reform.
  • Liberty University School of Law has received full accreditation from the American Bar Association.
  • Peter LaBarbera declares his recent “truth academy” to have been a monumental success.
  • Don Feder knows who to blame for Elena Kagan’s confirmation:  stupid voters.
  • The Tea Party might have a lot of perceived clout, but it doesn’t have much money.
  • If you don’t oppose the construction of the “Ground Zero Mosque,” you are guilty of treason.
  • Human Events does oppose the mosque, saying its location is “insensitive.”  Interestingly, Human Events also republished the infamous Dutch cartoons of Muhammad which greatly offended Muslims; a move that was apparently not insensitive. 
  • Finally, the Toronto Star examines how Crisis Pregnancy Centers systematically deceive women.