Right Wing Leftovers – 3/2/12

  • Considering that Sarah Palin’s entire political persona is based on petty bickering, her criticism of the GOP primary is a bit ironic.
  • Gary Bauer says that “on the rare occasions when Obama acknowledges Christianity, it is usually to justify some Big Government scheme, often one that will end up making it more difficult for real Christians to practice their faith.” So, apparently Obama must not be a “real Christian.”
  • CitizenLink’s Tom Minnery opposes civil unions in Colorado because it is step toward gay marriage, which “impacts children who deserve every chance to be raised in a home with their own married mom and dad rather than the intentionally motherless or fatherless home created by same-sex unions.”
  • Randall Terry’s fake presidential campaign needs money.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer declares that “Imam Obama has issued his fatwa imposing secular sharia on America’s Christians.”

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