Right Wing Leftovers – 3/18/14

  • The next release from EchoLight

    Studios under CEO Rick Santorum is a TV movie called “The Redemption of Henry Myers” that will air on the Hallmark


  • Frank Gaffney offers a hearty “thank you” to Jerry Boykin because he deserves gratitude, “not cheap

    shots from critics far more deserving of the public revulsion they’re trying to foment against him.”

  • Gary Bauer is mad at Guinness, Heineken and Sam

    Adams: “Far too many corporations are becoming active combatants in the culture war, fighting against the Judeo-

    Christian values cherished by so many of their consumers.”

  • Gary Cass says that “because he does not

    believe in God, [Bill] Maher has no basis for morality. Apparently Maher does not see the utter futility of his feigned moral


  • Finally, while speaking of Maher, MRC’s Dan Gainor says those on Left hate Christianity so much they would “kick us out of the country, lock us up,

    or shoot us,” if they could.