Right Wing Leftovers

  • Hey, Janet Porter is back.
  • Randall Terry is calling on Abdul Rauf and Nihad Awad of CAIR to join him as he destroys passages from the Quran so they can renounce threats of violence against Christians.
  • On a related note, Operation Rescue wants to make it clear that they have no connection to Terry and his “negative lifestyle choices, financial mismanagement, misleading donors, and bizarre media events.”
  • Alan Keyes’ Black America’s PAC has spent just 1% of $2 million it has raised since 2007 supporting candidates.
  • Apparently, Christians are very concerned that they might unknowingly be eating meat that is halal.
  • Richard Land supports the construction of an Islamic center in Tennessee while Mat Staver warns Christians that if a court or other government official can ban a mosque, it could also ban churches: “There will be losers in this, and one of them could be you.”
  • Finally, the Coming King Foundation just spent $200,000 getting this 5,000 lb, 18-foot tall bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ as a mighty warrior, returning in glory on a white horse installed in Minnesota: