Right Wing Leftovers – 2/7/14

  • The New York Times reports that Sen. Pat Roberts has “acknowledged that he did not have a home of his own

    in Kansas. The house on a country club golf course that he lists as his voting address belongs to two longtime supporters and


  • It is genuinely amazing the way right-wing groups are framing proposed restrictions on 501c4 organizations as an attack on conservatives. Do they not realize

    that liberals groups have c4 arms as well?

  • Phyllis Schlafly issues a warning: “Once there is no

    objective morality, no universal good and evil, laws that are not acceptable to Christians, such as abortion, infanticide, easy

    divorce, redefinition of marriage, and euthanasia can by imposed by the government. Christians should wake up and realize that

    supremacist judges and public schools have been the main engines driving the replacement of Christian morality with the

    utilitarianism and secularism of liberalism.”

  • The headline says it all: “General: U.S. Christians targeted for murder.”
  • Good point, Kevin Fobbs: “Black history month has been about celebration of achievements and it has been about action. So

    take action and demand Obama’s impeachment now so that you and your family will have a chance to recoup and recapture the

    American Dream that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others fought and even died for.”