Right Wing Leftovers

  • I have to say I am surprised it took WorldNetDaily this long to dust off its “North American Union” conspiracy theory and use it to go after President Obama.
  • FRC says it “plans to launch a nationwide tour getting people all around the country to sign on” to it’s SPLC push-back campaign.
  • The Liberty Counsel is “dedicated to advancing religious freedom” and “does not limit its services to Christians, as the rights of Christians are also affected positively by defending the rights of others.” Just not Muslims.
  • Focus on the Family continues to milk the outrage over the book “Nickel and Dimed” and its “insults” to Jesus.
  • Finally, this is a quote from James Dobson in 2006 discussing the plan by “homosexual activists and their allies … to gain control of children”: “It was a brilliant plan, hatched in Satan’s own lair. Not since Adolf Hitler prepared a generation of German and Austrian youth for war has so grand a strategy been attempted.”