Right Wing Leftovers – 2/27/14

  • FRC says that by vetoing Arizona’s gay discrimination bill, Gov. Jan Brewer “is saying she supports

    government discrimination against people’s religious freedoms.”

  • Speaking of FRC, they are urging activists to pray against gay marriage: “Lord, intervene to prevent evil from overcoming what you have

    forever declared to be good! Help the U.S. Senate to pass the State Marriage Defense Act (S. 2024) to protect each state’s right

    to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman and prevent the federal government from undermining a state’s

    definition of marriage.”

  • Robert Knight says that it is “the lack of negative reporting on

    Hillary Clinton and her high visibility is a reason she still polls high.”

  • Scott Lively says that “from the inability to distinguish

    disagreement from ‘hate’ or tolerance from approval, to conflating sex and love, homosexualists (i.e. anyone

    ‘gay’ or straight who advocates for the mainstreaming of homosexuality) just can’t think straight.”

  • Finally, Religious Right activists will start running this

    ad about Justina

    Pelletier on Fox News beginning tomorrow.