Right Wing Leftovers

  • Ron Paul wins the CPAC straw poll and then gets booted off the board of the Young Americans for Freedom.
  • John Boehner takes a bold stance regarding the Birthers: “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think.”
  • Live Action, Susan B Anthony List, 40 Days for Life, Students for Life of America, Concerned Women for America, and the Family Research Council joined together for a protest against Planned Parenthood today.
  • Richard Land, Mat Staver, Elaine Donnelly, Gary Bauer, Penny Nance, Tom McClusky, and Tom Minnery continue to press Republicans to stop the repeal of DADT.
  • Bryan Fischer is apparently immune to irony as he blasts GOProud for being “bigoted” against social conservatives.
  • Finally, what is the difference between Fox News and WorldNetDaily? Nothing.