Right Wing Leftovers – 1/26/12

  • After inundating Ohio legislators with heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears, Janet Porter has now turned to roses in an effort to get her “Heartbeat Bill” passed.
  • Liberty Counsel is now threatening to sue the Wisconsin high school that pulled a student op-ed opposing adoption by gay parents that repeatedly cited Biblical passages calling for gays to be put to death.
  • Brent Bozell delivers a ridiculously bombastic warning to the media.
  • Randall Terry says NBC Chicago is refusing to run his Super Bowl ad … and, of course, it is all President Obama’s fault.
  • Finally, we imagine that this quote from Gary Marx will come in handy the next time the Right starts screaming about some bogus campus outrage: “No university should be forced to put in place an institutionalized formal entity on a campus that would specifically undermine the values that that campus is committed towards teaching.”

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