Right Wing Leftovers – 1/2/14

  • Religious Right groups are strategizing on how to raise millions of dollars in an effort to increase their political and electoral influence

    by, among other things, meeting with “several high-ranking retired military officers, including an Army general, about

    helping to draft a campaign spending strategy that borrows from military tactics.”

  • Darrell Issa is

    the Human Events “Conservative of the


  • Peter LaBarbera says that one of the “lessons” learned from the Rose Bowl parade is that “The

    Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Movement Is Evil.” Huh?

  • A good question: “In less than 3 weeks King Obama starts his 6th year of dictatorship over the

    United States of America. Do you think this Republic can sustain another 2 years or should we find a way to see that he is impeached?

  • Finally, Linda Harvey declares that, in 2013, “pro-family prophets warning about moral deterioration were shown to be correct –

    let me say it again, CORRECT – in their predictions about where destructive pro-homosexual trends are taking us.”