Right Wing Leftovers – 11/6/13

  • Hmm, perhaps the fact that he was trailing Sen. John Cornyn 51 to 18 in polling played a role

    in David Barton’s decision not to launch a primary challenge.

  • Scott Lively is outraged

    that two lesbian students were voted “Queen and Queen” at a high school homecoming: “Frankly I shudder when I think about

    what is going to be happening with the kids who are now in kindergarten, when they get into high school after many years of this kind of


  • Bryan Fischer says Ken

    Cuccinelli lost his bid for governor “because he didn’t defend social conservativism.”

  • “Coach” Dave Daubenmire can’t help being the way that he is: he was

    just born that way.

  • Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a former Minuteman leader, has announced his candidacy for governor in California.
  • Peter

    LaBarbera laments

    the fact that marriage equality will be coming to Illinois: “It’s very sad to see the Land of Lincoln now on the verge of

    officially defying God with our marriage laws.”

  • Finally, NOM needs to make up its mind as it praises Gov. Chris Christie for being “a strong supporter of marriage as the union of one

    man and one woman” when just over a week ago they blasted him, declaring they’d

    “never forgive his failure to lead on marriage when leadership was needed most.”