Right Wing Leftovers – 1/12/12

  • Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich have all signed Morality in Media’s pledge to enforce pornography laws if elected president.
  • Ron Paul sure does manage to land some interesting endorsements.
  • Looks like not all radical anti-choice activists are supportive of Randall Terry’s efforts to air graphic ads during the Super Bowl.
  • The Family Research Council’s latest prayer targets ask that “God [will] stir pastors across the state of Maryland to set aside their regular activities to do their part in this critical fight. May they lead their congregations to do their duty as Christian citizens! May this and related bills be defeated and the momentum toward homosexual marriage be permanently reversed!”
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Mike Goeke, head of the ex-gay Cross Power Ministries, explaining why homosexuality is worse than other sins: “Homosexuality is the only sinful behavior that has a cultural identity and movement surrounding it. What other sin is encouraged to be celebrated? What other sin has a ‘pride’ movement attached to it? What other sin are people so quick to identify their lives by and to adopt as the defining characteristic of their lives? There are not greed pride parades, or people proclaiming on magazine covers ‘Yes, I’m a gossip.’ There are not gluttony neighborhoods or bars where liars openly gather. Men and women don’t proudly self-identify as promiscuous. There are many people who are pro-choice and many who admit to having an abortion, but there are few who celebrate the fact that they had abortions. In fact, if you exclude random individuals like Charlie Sheen, few people would want their sin attached to their name and fewer would proudly boast in their sinful activity.”