Right Wing Leftovers – 10/30/13

  • Al Mohler says that “Halloween is a good time for Christians to remember that evil spirits are real and that the

    Devil will seize every opportunity to trumpet his own celebrity.”

  • Scott Brown has formed the People’s Seat PAC, based in

    New Hampshire.

  • “Coach” Dave Daubenmire says that “the real war that is raging in America is the War on Freedom.”
  • Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition says “the

    scariest thing this Halloween in Washington, D.C. is the fact that Congress gives $540,000,000 in taxpayer funds to an organization that

    kills 915 children a day.”

  • CBN “journalist” David Brody says

    things are falling into place for the Tea Party: “Have you read the headlines about Obamacare since it rolled out? This is exactly

    what Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tim Huelskamp and dozens of others predicted would happen. It looks like those ‘Wacko Birds’ are going

    to be proven right. And when that happens, two things happen: the Tea Party movement gets another serious injection of credibility and

    that very well may translate into electoral success in November 2014. Meanwhile, President Obama has egg on his face after these

    Obamacare debacles. This is all setting up very nicely for the Tea Party.”