Right Wing Leftovers

  • Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 48 today and the Traditional Values Coalition is not happy, saying it will “[molest] the minds of young impressionable youth.”
  • Operation Save America will “provide a voice for Caylee Marie Anthony” on behalf of the “50 million unwanted American children have been murdered by their parents with impunity.”
  • The Travis County Republicans will be providing buses to Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally … so be sure to sign up!
  • This is a real thing: “South Central L.A. Tea Party group will hold a major rally to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP.”
  • Finally, quote of the day from Sally Kern: “We have more churches today … that are saying homosexuality does not go against biblical truth. Another factor is homosexuality is being taught in our schools as a normal and acceptable lifestyle, so when that happens, you are going to have more young people coming out of school who have a more favorable attitude towards homosexuality.”