Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Zero Reservations

  • Nikki Haley’s campaign proudly declares that it has “zero reservations about standing beside” right-wing pastor John Hagee.
  • Isabella Riley Moody wants to “make bigotry great again.”
  • Carlton Huffman, the man who has accused Matt Schlapp of sexual assault, has apparently chosen to do his first on-camera interview with antisemitic racist right-wing “reporter” Patrick Howley for a segment that will be aired on right-wing conspiracy theorist Stew Peters‘ show.
  • Speaking of Peters, he has staked out a bold new position: “I consider all conspiracies to be true until proven otherwise.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander, of all people, is mocking QAnon conspiracy theorists: “Have the Q people stopped talking about Durham? Like when they said the Lockdowns were a good thing and a child trafficking sting operation being executed for the world to finally know?”