Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Woke Theocracy

  • Last month, Michael Flynn dismissed the QAnon conspiracy theory as “sheer nonsense,” so naturally QAnon conspiracy theorists Dave Hayes and Mary Grace insist that Flynn’s comments are all part of the plan: “Anything that Flynn tells you, you have to realize is part of a psyop.”
  • Michele Bachmann says that liberals are trying to impose a “woke” theocracy on America: “That’s the theocracy that’s rising today. It isn’t Christianity; it’s this woke cult.”
  • Andrew Torba announces that he is “bored with politics”: “I’m not wasting my time, energy, and focus on a rigged Talmudic system with a bunch of blackmailed degenerates who ‘represent us.’ The country is going to balkanize and the Judeo-American empire will fall. … I’m working towards building a parallel and largely digital Christian nation that operates inside of the Talmudic one until it inevitably falls and we can fill the power vacuum.”
  • Jon Miller asserts that “rape is, broadly speaking, anything a woman does that she regrets.”
  • Tyler Russell thinks that “the Taliban banning women from university [is] a step in the right direction” since women only go to college because “they’re all being tricked by Jews.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander is threatening to release evidence that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “committed a crime” that he hopes will get her expelled from Congress: “I will not suffer this harlot. I will not be taught vows and loyalty, commitment from a whore!”