Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Weather Warfare

  • Mike Lindell is confident that his new documentary and forthcoming lawsuit will overturn the 2020 election and have Donald Trump back in the White House by August: “That miracle is coming.”
  • Liberty University is now home to Todd Starnes’ daily radio program.
  • Dave Hayes continues to insist that the military will remove President Joe Biden from office, asserting that even if senior level officials at the Pentagon don’t support it, “the warfighters in uniform could decide to remove Biden from office, and there is nothing the Secretary of Defense (or his undersecretaries) could do but resign in protest.
  • Ron Edwards warns that “the Equality Act provides the legal power for government and special interest groups to come after any church with fangs gaping, if the members don’t embrace and promote the 57 varieties of sexes, transgender, or question mark folks now seeking to stop your right to be an authentic follower of Christ.”
  • Finally, Cirsten Weldon claims that Biden was paid billions by China for letting them test out their “new weather weapons” on Texas, which were responsible for the devastating and deadly winter storm in February.