Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Wear the Hijab

  • As if to further provide further evidence of our report that Dalton Clodfelter uses The Daily Stormer as a primary source of content for his nightly “The Right Dissident” program on The Stew Peters Network, Clodfelter is now openly sharing links to the neo-Nazi website.
  • Speaking of Stew Peters, he is currently in Idaho where he claims to have been “asked to provide testimony before lawmakers” about the supposed dangers of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Gavin McInnes now admits that he faked his own arrest during a program last month.
  • David Barton continues to spread the false claim that first- and second-grade students in New Jersey in the early 1800s were required to memorize large portions of the Bible as part of the public school curriculum.
  • Finally, widespread protests continue in Iran, sparked by the death of a young woman while in the custody of the nation’s morality police, and Nick Fuentes is predictably defending the mullahs: “Here’s how you avoid entanglements with the religious police: Wear the hijab.”