Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Underground, Satanist, Left-Wing, Antifa Hit Squads

  • Andrew Anglin says that “allowing women to make their own decisions is the greatest imaginable crime against humanity.”
  • Right-wing pastor David Scarlett told Alex Jones that former President Donald Trump was recently briefed on the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine—possibly by Michael Flynn—and also claimed that Trump “is taking Bible prophecy very, very serious right now.”
  • Dave Daubenmire held a two-hour prayer call Sunday night “against the Satanic halftime show” at the Super Bowl.
  • Steve Franssen has five keys to success. Step 1: “Never give up [your] strength to women or Jews.”
  • Finally, two local GOP politicians have been killed in New Jersey in recent weeks. One was shot by a co-worker, and the motive for the other is currently unknown, but Lance Wallnau suspects that they were targeted by “underground, Satanist, left-wing, antifa hit squads.”