Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Never Lies

  • Eric Metaxas insists that anyone who calls President Donald Trump an authoritarian or compares him to Hitler is just revealing “their tremendous ignorance of history.” Metaxas, of course, said exactly those sorts of things when Barack Obama was president.
  • Josh Bernstein warns that the 2020 election is a choice between “Trump or death” because “we are literally at war with millions of people in this country” and “they want to kill us.”
  • Anne Graham Lotz says that “we’ve left our foundation of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Until we come back to the Lord through repentance and prayer, then I don’t think there’s any hope for America actually.”
  • Joseph Mattera declares that “it is biblically impossible to separate politics and religion as well as private faith from the public square. Political leaders are commanded by God the Father to serve the Lord!”
  • Finally, right-wing theologian Wayne Grudem asserts that Trump doesn’t lie: “President Trump is often not careful in some of the things he says. He is given to exaggeration. Sometimes he’s made a statement after being given inaccurate information. I’m not sure he’s ever intentionally affirmed something he knows to be false, which is how I define a lie. As you know, I have written an ethics textbook. I believe it’s never right to affirm X when you believe X is false. If someone wants to point out to me some actual Trump lies that fit that definition, I’d be happy to look at them.”