Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump Could Be Jesus And The Media Would Still Hate Him

  • Robert Jeffress says that President Trump is “one of the most compassionate people I have ever been around.”
  • David Kubal of Intercessors for America says that God is using hurricanes to tell us that “everything is broken, we need a Savior, we must pray and God is merciful.”
  • Scott Lively warns that “‘gay theology’ has always been satanic bait to lure those with same-sex attraction into lives of active homosexual sin. It is also a seductive siren-song for ex-‘gays’ in the weak moments of their recovery.”
  • Julio Severo has a prayer for America: “Let us pray that the homosexual sin may be seen and felt in U.S. society in its offensive reality. Let us pray prophesying the defeat of the multi-billion-dollar homosexual industry’s greed in the U.S.”
  • Finally, James Robison says that Trump “could walk on water, raise the dead, heal the blind, perform miracle after miracle and he would still be hated by today’s liberal media.”