Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Toughen Up

  • Steve Shultz announced that Lara Trump will be appearing on his “Elijah Streams” program next month.
  • Ali Alexander appreciates all those who are willing to make the sacrifice of putting up with his genius: “To love a genius is to know love that is not usually returned in the way most humans want it. It is to enlist. It is sacrificial.”
  • Steven Franssen offered some advice to a viewer who was rejected for a date. The advice started off badly and got progressively worse: “You want to die in a FEMA camp?”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos says that one of the only things left “to like about black Americans” is that they “murder a lot of trannies.”
  • Finally, Teddy Daniels dedicated his entire show Wednesday to ranting about Sen. John Fetterman getting treated for depression at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center: “Grow a pair! Toughen up!”