Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Those Aren’t My Enemies

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has no regrets about speaking to a gathering of white nationalists and Christian fascists at AFPAC III earlier this year: “I resent the reaction because I don’t believe in canceling people.”
  • Nick Fuentes, the white nationalist who organized AFPAC III and welcomed Greene to the stage, believes that “Generation Z has got to recover the lost wisdom of our racist grandparents”: “They weren’t politically correct, and they were in fact racist, but they were right.”
  • Tyler Russell, an associate of Fuentes’ and attendee at AFPAC III, agrees with Fuentes that we need to go back to the openly racist days of the 1950s.
  • Laura Loomer, a white nationalist who attended AFPAC III, was given a full hour on the American Family Association’s radio network Friday morning to promote her congressional campaign.
  • Finally, Andrew Torba, who was a speaker at AFPAC III, asserts that he and his fellow Christian nationalists “actually hate what America has become. America just happens to be our home. Currently America is a wicked and sinful nation. We can and will change that, but the vision is much bigger. We also want to help Christians in every single nation on this planet take dominion over their countries too for the glory of God.”