Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Number One Cause of Antisemitism

  • White nationalist Lauren Witzke fumes over the fact that immigrants and children of immigrants make up 15% of Congress: “As America’s White demographic is rapidly replaced, our representation in Government is quickly replaced as well. … If you import the third world, you (and your government) will become the third world.”
  • David Lane claims that “former President Barack Obama and his U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder were two-faced virtuosos at instigating this brand of Marxist-type violent group acts replete with riots, protests and uproar in order to undermine and subvert unity and stir up racial division and class warfare.”
  • Tim Barton says the government’s response to the Hawaii wildfires is a reminder that “the government can never be our savior”: “The government can never provide for us the things we should be looking to God to provide for us.”
  • Andrew Torba asserts that “Jewish behavior is the number one cause of rising antisemitism” and is thrilled that Elon Musk seems to share his views: “In under five years we went from having every single one of our guys banned from the big tech platforms to the richest man in the world noticing, naming, and waging total war on our largest enemy while running one of those platforms. Let that sink in. Keep the faith. We are winning.”
  • Finally, Charlie Kirk hopped on the far-right “Ban the ADL” hashtag bandwagon, declaring that “The ADL is a mass purveyor of anti-white hate,” but quickly deleted the post and replaced it with one calling the ADL “America’s number-one purveyor of hate speech.”