Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Head and Not the Tail

  • Ralph Reed kicked off Road to Majority conference by telling right-wing activists that God told him to start Faith and Freedom Coalition because “Christians who love God and love their country” should be “the head and not the tail” of the U.S. government.
  • An angry Elijah Schaffer says that if people would just “open their eyes” and get over Nick Fuentes’ “Jew jokes,” they’d realize that he’s right about “anti-white racism”: “Just because you don’t like Fuentes doesn’t mean he’s lying that there’s an attack on white people.”
  • Anne Graham Lotz is pretty confident that “in the next five years, we may be seeing the return of Jesus”: “I have had that strong compulsion that I am in the last generation.”
  • Eric Metaxas declares that “the trans agenda was invented by pedophilic psychologists, degenerate quacks, lunatic sexologists, literal Nazi scientists, and other assorted deviants. A collection of the most despicable monsters imaginable came up with all of this stuff.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt claims that transgender people are actually “being influenced by a demonic spirit of lying.”
  • Finally, Mark Robinson has a message for naysayers who think he can’t be elected governor of North Carolina because he’s too right-wing and crazy: “I’m not crazy … I look crazy to you because you’re insane.”