Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Coward Robert Mueller

  • Michael Savage says that President Trump has become like a “Samson figure,” referring to a biblical character whom God appointed as judge over Israel.
  • Kat Kerr reports that the tip she got from the Holy Spirit on how to stop flooding works like a charm.
  • Barbwire declares that “Democrats are basically anti-American and so are most Muslims. They both have the goal to destroying the America that we all knew and loved.”
  • Bryan Fischer says that Robert Mueller “will be for the rest of history associated with other traitors and cowards whose names are not worthy to be spoken in public.”
  • Conversely, Bill Mitchell suspects that Mueller might not quite be a “black hat” bad guy after all: “If impeachment is bad for Democrats and Mueller just stuck Democrats with impeachment, Mueller just helped Trump – gray hat.”
  • Right-wing pastor Robert Henderson wept as he prayed that God will defend Trump and speak his wrath against the president’s enemies.
  • Finally, if you want to impeach Trump, you’ll have to go through Geraldo Rivera!