Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Beginning Of Sorrows

  • Scott Lively declares that “I do happen to believe that the last days are upon us and Christ’s return is imminent – meaning years rather than decades. I think it is possible that coming events of 2017 will in retrospect be seen as the beginning of sorrows.”
  • Richard Viguerie complains that, after the firing of Steve Bannon, “this White House is beginning to look like a Democratic administration rather than a Republican administration.”
  • Leave it to Concerned Women for America’s Penny Nance to claim that the firing of a sexist Google engineer “had done a disservice to women by shutting down an important dialogue about ideas such as nature vs. nurture and everything else that goes into the cause of a gender gap in tech.”
  • David and Jason Benham say that the recent eclipse was “a physical manifestation of a much deeper spiritual truth—that our nation has abandoned the light of the world, and darkness has come upon us.”
  • Pastor Ronnie Floyd has been named the new president of the National Day of Prayer.
  • Finally, Eagle Forum seems to be locked in an absurd battle over the fact that Tim Barton will be leading a tour of the U.S. Capitol during an upcoming Eagle Forum conference in Washington, D.C., because his father, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton, supports a convention of states, which the late Phyllis Schlafly vehemently opposed.