Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Thanks for the Slavery

  • Todd Coconato warns that God will punish those responsible for the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago and the “persecution” of former President Donald Trump: “Their crimes have reached the courts of heaven and a guilty verdict is coming down soon! Listen to this oh wicked and unruly people: Anything you do against the people of God or His anointed will boomerang back on you! If you indict, YOU will be indicted. Whatever you attempt to do against Gods people, or His anointed, will be done to you! If you arrest, you will be arrested. You are cursed by your evil doings.”
  • Sean Fuecht declares that Christians must “step out and confront the demonic schemes being pushed through the schools, the media and the government. We can confront the devil and the Left.”
  • Earlier this year, right-wing pastor Kent Christmas prophesied that God was going to release a “death angel” to take out “evil” political leaders. During his Sunday sermon, Christmas reported that it will begin at the end of 2022.
  • Gee, we can’t imagine why Christian nationalist Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, is constantly being called an antisemite.
  • Laura Loomer continues to insist that she won (she didn’t) her Republican primary last week “and everyone knows it.”
  • White nationalist Dalton Clodfelter thinks that “Black people should be growing up in a society that glorifies white people” so that they’ll learn to be more grateful: “They should be thanking whites for slavery, quite frankly.”