Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Tanks for Tots

  • Shane Vaughn is creating an app that will allow right-wing Christians to donate to a “war chest” that will be used to finance candidates running for office all over the country.
  • Rick Wiles announced that he is building a social media platform that will be a safe space for young, straight, Christian men to gather where they won’t be feminized, criticized, or called racist.
  • Alex McFarland claims that a music director at a prominent East Coast college told him that because of critical race theory, instructors are not allowed to use the phrase “sheet music” or require students to tune their instruments.
  • Bill Mitchell says that President Joe Biden is evil, a pedophile, a “Manchurian Candidate” controlled by China, and a complete idiot.
  • Finally, David Barton asserts that, under the Second Amendment, there are to be no age limits placed on who can own a weapon. Given that Barton also insists that the Second Amendment also places no limits on what sorts of weapons private citizens can own, presumably that means that 5-year-olds are entitled to own tanks and fighter jets.