Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Stop Being Afraid to Die

  • Dan Cox, the Republican nominee for governor in Maryland, deleted his Gab account, and Gab founder Andrew Torba is outraged: “We need warriors, not feckless losers who capitulate to the anti-Christs.”
  • Christian nationalist Jarrin Jackson lost the runoff election Tuesday to become the GOP nominee for a seat in the Oklahoma state Senate.
  • Right-wing anti-vax “expert” Stella Immanuel says Christians should refuse vaccinations rather than allow themselves “to be genetically modified”: “If I die, I’m a child of God. I get to go home to Heaven. … People have to stop being afraid to die.”
  • David Lane warns that “unless believers move into the public square in obedience to Jesus’ ekklesia Kingdom assignment from Matthew 16:18, there will be much more to come of such as the forceful repression we were exposed to over the last two and a half years.”
  • James Dobson declares that “in a matter of months, our country will undergo one of the most critical mid-term elections in our lifetime. I hope and pray that our pastors and local church congregations engage in these critical issues and get involved where they can. This could be our last chance to vote our values in a manner that can make a significant difference.”
  • Finally, Dalton Clodfelter helpfully reminds everyone that the far-right has no problem with “cancel culture” provided that they get to be the ones who decide who to cancel: “I think cancel culture is great when it’s utilized by the right people, when it’s utilized by people like myself.”