Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sounds Like Grooming

  • The Christian Post reports that Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition “will spend between $36 million and $42 million on a nationwide effort to target Christian voters” in the midterm elections.
  • Christian pollster George Barna told attendees at the “Pray, Vote, Stand” summit that teaching children to hold a proper “biblical worldview” is “the single most important thing” any Christian adult can do with their life: “They don’t have to be your children. … Maybe they’ll be your neighbor’s children.”
  • Dalton Clodfelter complained about “the blackfication of everything white,” which he thinks is part of an effort to “erase white people from the mainstream: “The Little Mermaid is white!”
  • Tony Suarez took “authority over the spirits of Hell” while prophesying that revival will come to the state of Illinois: “Lori Lightfoot, pack your bags. God is removing you from office.”
  • Finally, Dutch Sheets claimed that he’s been called by God to take back this nation: “Our destiny is not over! He is going to save this nation. A third Great Awakening is coming to this nation, and it’s going to give us the transformation that we need.”