Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Something Very Inspiring

  • Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, appeared on Sherri Tenpenny’s program today, where he heaped praise on the far-right anti-vax conspiracy theorist for having the “courage” to oppose COVID-19 vaccines: “There’s something very inspiring about that.”
  • Ali Alexander warns that “political Conservatives are silent on the anti-Black, anti-American, anti-Christian cancellation of Ye. They’ll be silent when it’s your turn to die. Christians, rise up.”
  • Lance Wallnau instructed his followers to support Republican candidates in the upcoming elections because “when you’re dealing with the Nazi Party, or you’re dealing with the KKK, or you’re dealing with organized antifa… you can’t afford to go too neutral.”
  • Roger Stone got all dressed up for his appearance on white nationalist Christian fascist Dalton Clodfelter’s livestream last night.
  • Finally, we’re not sure what Stew Peters has against smart cities but he really hates them: “It’s like a wet dream for these liberal psychopath bastards, these Hershey highway-riding butt pirates that want everything with a penis to chop it off and grow boobs. Everything that doesn’t have one should get one, and then everything with a penis is having sex with each other. If you resist any of this, you’re sent to a gallows for execution.”