Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sodomy Stone

  • Mike Lindell is very disappointed in Newsmax for apologizing to a Dominion employee it falsely accused of rigging voting machines against former President Donald Trump.
  • In an effort to demonstrate that he’s now “ex-gay,” Milo Yiannopoulos allegedly tossed his $150,000 “sodomy stone” engagement ring into the ocean.
  • E.W. Jackson says while people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg may be billionaires, they are “just as stupid as a post”: “Some of the dumbest people in this country are fabulously wealthy and successful in the businesses that they created, but they’re still just as dumb as rocks.” We have to agree.
  • The party Jerry Falwell Jr. was planning to host on his property for Liberty University graduates has been cancelled due to Falwell’s health issues.
  • Robin Bullock declares that it’s a sin to recognize Joe Biden as president and asserts that one cannot pray for “President Joe Biden” because no such person exists: “You might as well pray for the Easter Bunny.”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine warns that the effort to get people vaccinated is a “modern-day Holocaust,” complains that it’s teaching people to trust science instead of their guts, and says it’s all the work of Satan.