Right Wing Bonus Tracks: She Knew What She Was Doing

  • Leigh Dundas claims that she was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 only because she was walking someone back to their car and they needed to sit down. Really? How does she explain the footage she posted that day of her outside the Capitol screaming, “Traitors!”
  • Heidi St. John says that she heard “almost an audible voice” when God told her to run for Congress and that by agreeing to do so, she “literally is stepping across the threshold, I believe, of the gates of Hell.”
  • Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke unleashed a bigoted rant over the news that Dave Rubin and his husband are expecting children: “The only thing they can reproduce and create is more debauchery. And AIDS.”
  • Scott Lively laments “the banality of evil as our natural rights and freedom die not in a blaze of glory on a battlefield but by slow-motion absorption into a real-life ‘Matrix’ of cybernetic transhumanism facilitated by financial advisers.”
  • Finally, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin admits that she “did know who I was talking to” when she addressed the white nationalist AFPAC conference, and she stands by it: “I’m not going to back off from the opportunity to talk to other conservatives … about America First policies.”