Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Reptile Tyrant

  • Scott Lively warns that President Joe Biden’s speech on the danger that MAGA Republicans represent to Democracy “wasn’t just hate-speech, it was the launch of a marketing campaign, a rhetorical call to domestic political war and very possibly the psychological preparation of the nation for actual war against Russia.”
  • Shane Vaughn says that Biden was under “the power of Satan himself” when he delivered that speech: “This was something that was set up by Satan himself.”
  • Lauren Witzke wants to see Nikki Haley deported, even though Haley was born in the United States.
  • Andrew Wommack claims that the Constitutional Convention began every day with prayer. That is not true.
  • It is probably safe to assume that Patrick Howley was not a fan of the late Queen Elizabeth: “Rest in piss, Reptile Tyrant.”
  • For his part, Nick Fuentes reacted to the death of Queen Elizabeth by praising white supremacy.
  • Right-wing pastor and GOP congressional candidate Leon Benjamin declares that “the role of the church is to anoint the politicians.”