Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rampant Misogyny

  • Lauren Witzke says, “I don’t think that women should be president.”
  • Jarrin Jackson declares that “feminism hates Christ.”
  • Jon Miller asserts that “nobody believes women when they give their age…or body count…or say they weren’t flirting with another guy…or how much they spent on your card at Saks…or when they say they want you to choose the restaurant…so why on EARTH would we believe them when they claim to be raped???”
  • Nick Fuentes is trying to be more magnanimous because “I am the leader for everyone even the haters. And altho some of them will have to be executed when I become President, I am their leader still.”
  • Finally, Bryson Gray released a virulently anti-LGBTQ song last week, and Pete Santilli loved it: “Bryson Gray Was Right! We Should ALL Be Homophobic.”