Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rage Quit

  • Everett Piper is promoting the bogus claim that the Founding Fathers relied on the Bible, particularly Deuteronomy, in creating this nation and its government.
  • Michigan state Rep. Josh Schriver is promoting the far-right “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.
  • Nick Fuentes was unable to do a show Monday night because he had technical problems … plus, his shirt was too tight. That caused him to “rage quit,” have a total meltdown during which he smashed a chair and then he “was so mad, [he] just fell right asleep.”
  • Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute says that transgender people suffer from a “mental condition” likely caused by “sexual child abuse.”
  • Andrew Anglin says that women deserve to be replaced by AI because “they decided they want to be nasty whores. All they do is whine, complain, abuse, divorce, exploit, etc.”
  • Finally, Alveda King is now aligned with Lance Wallnau in advocating for Seven Mountains dominionism.
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