Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Pure Witchcraft

  • E.W. Jackson declares that “Mueller, Democrats, mainstream media propagandists, socialists, radical leftists have betrayed our Constitutional Republic because they don’t like the outcome of the 2016 election and they don’t like Pres. Trump. Frankly, these people just don’t like America. They are spoiled brats who have loaded Daddy’s gun with real bullets and gone to the park to shoot the guy who out played them in a ball game. They’ve gone from spoiled brats to being down right dangerous.”
  • Dave Kubal claims that Mueller’s report found “no collusion, no obstruction and no need for further investigation” and prays that “the real perpetrators of wrongdoing in this whole situation will be brought to justice.”
  • Lance Wallnau is likewise outraged about the Mueller report: “It is a dangerous moment in American history. Wolves work together in packs to take down larger prey. American Media is no longer an independent institution. The people who own networks are part of the Democrat party NY, LA and DC apparatus. This is a dangerous moment. Media and journalism has merged with a political party to destroy anyone they do not want in office. Once they get their candidate they can use the vast powerful resources of the intelligence community to frame their case to bankrupt your reputation and your family. Pure witchcraft.”
  • David Lane warns that Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign is a sign that “the current savagery and ramping up of the Philistine vulgarity of the culture is on full display as the outgrowth of a nation moving away from God. The political, cultural and personal war being waged in the public square is spiritual, against the living biblical God Jehovah.”
  • Bradlee Dean fumes that Barack Obama used his time in office to stack “the government with subversive sodomites and subversive Muslims.”
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt claims that Rep. Ilhan Omar is “getting funding from overseas to support a Muslim takeover of the U.S. Congress.”