Right Wing Bonus Tracks: President Trump Hates Racism?

  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Jesse Lee Peterson for “White History Month” on his radio program this morning, where he declared that President Trump is his hero.
  • Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson proclaims that he loves “Trump and the direction he has set for our country” and is absolutely “convinced that the president and most Americans who voted for him also hate racism.”
  • For some reason, Larry Elder interviewed unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin on his radio show last week.
  • It seems that white nationalist candidate Paul Nehlen is having trouble fundraising.
  • Likewise, it looks like “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell may be having financial woes of his own.
  • Finally, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein says that the voting age should be raised to 30.