Right Wing Bonus Tracks: People Who Annoy You

  • Laura Loomer remembered 9/11 by declaring that today “our biggest enemy isn’t hiding in a cave in a far away land speaking Arabic. Our biggest enemy is sitting in a Building located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, plotting and planning the eternal destruction of the United States of America and American Patriots with the tools made available through the creation of the Patriot Act.”
  • Ann Vandersteel wonders if Russian President Vladimir Putin is “going to have to step in to try to protect the Americans from the Regime that is squatting in the White House.”
  • Matt Evans—a proud “internet racist livestreamer,” America First activist, and Nick Fuentes ally known as “Beardson Beardly”—is sick of all these Black “naggers” telling him he can’t say the N-word or fly the Confederate flag.
  • Vincent James thinks that slavery in America “was probably mostly kind of like camping.”
  • Finally, Jack Hibbs asks, “What does a nation look like when it starts to receive the judgement or the cursings of Almighty God?” His answer? LGBTQ characters in “Blue’s Clues.”