Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our Despicable Website

  • Patrick Colbeck, who is running for governor in Michigan, isincredibly excited to announce that David Barton, the founder of WallBuilders, has officially endorsed our run for governor.”
  • CWA’s Penny Nance says that “an illegal immigrant has no legal right to an abortion in this country … If a court decides this young woman can come to the United States illegally and demand to have an abortion, what’s to stop anyone following her from doing the exact same thing?”
  • Sen. Rand Paul has now endorsed Roy Moore.
  • The National Organization for Marriage needs money in order to continue working “with President Trump’s administration to cement our religious liberty rights into law so that no American is ever penalized for standing for the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”
  • Michele Bachmann says that Republicans in Congress must “enact the agenda that Donald Trump ran on—seal the borders, build a wall and deport 40 percent of the illegal aliens who are in our country on visa overstays. Make sure you keep radical Islam out of the United States and pass a clean repeal of Obamacare.”
  • Finally, Doug Hagmann does not seem to be a fan of our “despicable website” or our coverage of his friend, Dave Daubenmire.