Right Wing Bonus Tracks: One of God’s Greatest Generals

  • Jerry Falwell Jr. says he will “call for civil disobedience” if Democrats in Virginia enact gun control legislation.
  • David Lane declares that “what is happening in America is spiritual, not political. Anti-God forces are attempting to impose their rules for public discourse, excluding Christendom from taking a public stand against sin.”
  • Josh Bernstein thinks that President Donald Trump should take out Iran’s political and military leaders with a drone strike and send in 10,000 to 15,000 U.S. troops to arm and train the Iranian people—which is a plan that he thinks would leave Iran with a free country in 30 days. What could possibly go wrong with that brilliant plan?
  • Chris McDonald suggests that the downing of a Ukrainian airplane in Iran was done to cover up corruption by former president Barack Obama.
  • Finally, it is Jim Bakker’s 80th birthday today and he was introduced on his show today by his wife, Lori, who likened him to King David and the Apostle Paul and called him “one of God’s greatest generals.”