Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Of Course

  • Kanye West revealed that a producer for Alex Jones connected him to Milo Yiannopoulos, and Yiannopoulos admits that he was the one who then introduced West to Nick Fuentes. West also says that he invited Fuentes to go to Mar-a-Lago with him last week and that former President Donald Trump “had no idea who Nick Fuentes was.”
  • After Kanye West stormed off of Tim Pool’s show last night after being questioned about his antisemitism, Ali Alexander claimed to be in possession of information that “would get [Pool] investigated by the police”: “If anyone treats Ye like a ni**er, I’m going to destroy your fucking life.”
  • Nearly a year after being a featured speaker at the white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC conference, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has finally denounced Fuentes: “Of course I denounce Nick Fuentes and his racists anti-semitic ideology.”
  • David Lane complains that Trump’s “vision of making America as a nation great again has been put on the sidelines, while the mission and the message are now subordinate to personal grievances and self-importance.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively claims to know “the truth about GoG: ‘Gay on Gay’ violence: “The topic is so heavily censored that most people don’t even realize it’s in the running as its own category of ‘hate speech.'”