Right Wing Bonus Tracks: My Kind of America

  • Rep. Eric Swalwell released an ad depicting a woman living under MAGA Republican rule being arrested for having had an abortion. Lauren Witzke responded by declaring, “[This is] my kind of America! Let’s do it!”
  • Roger Stone tells Ye to run for president “to kind of prove himself in that arena” so that former President Donald Trump can choose him as his vice-presidential running mate in 2024.
  • Dalton Clodfelter explains why the phrase “Make America Great Again” is so appealing to him: “I love what this country once was, before the civil rights movement.”
  • Kandiss Taylor proclaims that “the same people that want to suppress our 1st Amendment are the ones screaming and demanding immorality with theirs.” What in the world does that mean?
  • Finally, “prophet” Robin Bullock has heard “the sound of Satan’s defeat”: “He is about to lose his rear end. … And when I say, ‘Lose his rear end,’ I’m talking about the asses in Washington, the donkey asses in Washington.”