Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Listen to the Prophets

  • Tim Barton and Andrew Wommack are outraged that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg took paternity leave after he and his husband adopted twins.
  • David Barton, father of the above-mentioned Tim Barton, offers some advice on how public school teachers can sneak Christianity into the classrooms under the guise of teaching “the truth.”
  • Robin Bullock calls on former President Donald Trump to “listen to the prophets” and “rise up,” for the time has come for him to assume his rightful position as president and save this nation.
  • Josh Bernstein declares that Dr. Anthony Fauci “deserves to be sodomized every single day in a prison cell for the rest of his life.”
  • Finally, Dave Hayes asks his followers to keep Q in their prayers and says he’s pretty sure that “Q and the team have been observing us on social media and I suspect they’re probably pretty proud of the way we’ve handled things in their absence.”