Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Jason Rapert’s Divine Assignment

  • Bryan Fischer says that the issue of abortion is the only thing that matters in the upcoming Supreme Court nomination: “The United States is running out of time to deal with our second major national sin, after slavery. If we do not fix this while we have the opportunity, we will fall under the judgment of God, and He will not be kind to us.”
  • Dennis Prager prays that “violence does not erupt in America. But if, God forbid, it does, let’s be clear it was the left that started it, just as surely as the South’s firing at Fort Sumter started the first Civil War.”
  • Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative proclaims that “any Christian who believes in the Bible cannot support Ben Jealous in any way.”
  • Rick Scarborough has worked David Barton’s pseudohistory into his own presentation.
  • Finally, Arkansas state senator Jason Rapert declares that it is his assignment “to teach and equip believers to become leaders who cannot be destroyed and who will exercise the duty given to us in Genesis 1:26-28. We need good people to run for office and serve. Christians should not vote for people who refuse to respect and honor God.”