Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Insane for Virtue

  • Peter LaBarbera announces that he has joined WND.com as a reporter and editor.
  • Jason Rapert believes that “we ought to have prayer every day in every school.”
  • Michele Bachmann says that Regent University’s Robertson School of Government is launching an online PhD program with the goal of graduating 100 PhDs who will then serve in government.
  • Ali Alexander is accepting applications: “Learn to master mania and drive the world insane for virtue.”
  • Nick Fuentes doesn’t believe that 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust and insists that the Nazis never used gas chambers: “That’s totally fake.”
  • Finally, Jon Miller is growing up: “You know when you’re a little kid and you eat sushi for the first time and you think it’s weird? But then when you’re older you realize it’s really terrific? That’s how I feel about westboro baptist church.”